Are you a wine traveler? Then I am inviting you to join me on my next wine adventure to France. This will be my 14th visit to France and Italy. What I am offering is to plan a week long visit to France while keeping costs low. Thinking you can't afford to visit France, well think again, my tours are bare-bones while still enjoying the best of the wine country experiences.

Basically, I am planning a wine tour for myself. I appreciate staying in private apartments or homes in a rural setting. It's the ambiance that I am after. It should speak to a traditional sense of the area, so I don't look for modern or urban lodging. The idea is that you will be able to cook some of your meals and go out for some. Eating at "home" is a great way to save money while living like a local. The French like to shop each day for fresh items and cook up a nice meal to share with wine and friends.

Are you an active outdoors sort of person? Then my tour is for you. For me, wine has to do with "place" or as the French say "terrior." This means getting out to the vineyards and the surrounding areas to better understand the environment that the grapes are growing in. There are plenty of enchanting walks in the region, with rewards of wild views and historic places. My tour will include a daily walk.

Relax and let me handle the details. I have conducted many week long bike tours to France and know the drill. I will rent a van and do the driving for our group. I've stayed in lovely country homes and know what works. I have flown into Montpelier and will meet everyone there. Just pack your bag (I can help with suggestions) and leave the rest to me.